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I notice that Kongsberg is a city were quite a few foregners are coming to live, for a short periode or longer. We hope that everyone feels welcome to our church. Please use the contact information and ask questions if you are interested in getting to know us.
Kongsberg Frikirke is a Lutheran, evangelical congregation. "Fri"- meens that we are undependent from the state. We are a part of the natonal church kalled "Den evangelisk Lutherske Frikirke". Our congregation in Kongsberg consists of three housechurches. We do not have a churchbuilding, but we meet in private homes. Each housechurch have two leaders, called "hosts". Each housechurch have their own worship and other meetings.
The tree housechurches are called D11, MH22 and GK12. They are different in many ways, but also similar. The MH22-church is a rather international church just now, while the two other churches consists of families with kids in different ages.
We welcome you to our church.

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